Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So I get to plan a WEDDING!!!

Hey Pretties! I hope your Wednesday has been wonderful! With weather like we are having it is very hard to not have a great day! 

So many of you know that I am engaged to my absolute Best Friend Coltney Race Shibley and so with an engagement comes a WEDDING! I am not going to lie I have planned and dreamed about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I do have to say that I did become content with the thought that I would never get married, but the true romantic in me could not stop planning or pinning wedding stuff on Pinterest. So that amazing day when Colt asked if I would be his wife and I said yes let's just say I had a VERY good idea of when, where, and how I wanted my wedding. 

Let's start with the when. I had three important factors that influenced my date picking. 

1) I wanted to be married on the 13th. Why you ask? Well once again if you know me you know how much my maternal grandparents meant to me. They are my heroes, my role models, the marriage and love I saw as a little girl and thought that is what I want! I wanted to honor my grandparents as much as possible since they will be absent in presence but there in spirit for my wedding. As I type these words I can not help but cry knowing that they can not be there. My grandparents got married on 2/13/43 and well the next time February 13th fails on a Saturday is 2016 and well there is no way I am waiting that long. So getting married on the 13th day of some month was a must. 

2) The second factor was I wanted a Winter Wedding. I LOVE Winter! It and Fall are by far my most favorite seasons and I just love all the fun things that can come with having a Winter Wedding! Trust me I have a lot of adorable and fun ideas for the BIG DAY that are totally Winter related!

3) The last and most important factor in my date picking was Football. Yes that is right Football was a deciding factor of when I picked my Wedding date. Colt and I are HUGE Football fans! We have season tickets to the Razorbacks and Saturdays and Sundays from September to about February are consumed with Football watching. College Football runs Sept to Jan and NFL runs Sept to Feb so picking the perfect Saturday was tough.I wanted Colt to be at the wedding and well I was not going to make him miss football. I didn't want him starting our marriage mad at me for missing a game so I searched the College Football Schedules for 2014 and by George I found the perfect date 12/13/14!!

12/13/14 had all the factors I was looking for! It honored my Grandparents, it was in the winter, and it didn't conflict with ANY Football games (the SEC Championship is the week prior)

SO for all ya'll asking if we have a date set the answer is YES!! 12/13/14 will be my official first day as a Shibley and a wife! I am pretty excited and blessed beyond words ya'll! 

Well I plan on dishing more Wedding details next week! I will disclose all the details of the WHERE! The week is half over so make the best of whats left! Have a blessed Thursday Pretties!



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tresse Talk Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Pretties! Today we are going to talk about our luscious locks again in Tresse Talk Tuesday! I am a HUGE on having themes! It is part of what makes me who I am, and honestly the OCD in me is at peace when I am going along with a theme. SO tada I give you Tresse Talk Tuesday!

So last week I talked about how I am OBSESSED with sulfate and paraben free hair products and how much healthier my hair has become since I started using them (along with the wonders of my FAB Hair Stylist Nicci Webb). This week I want to pass along a little gem I found at Wal-Mart that I use to deep condition my hair once weekly. The product is Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream. It is located with the ethnic products at Wal-Mart and other drugstores and Ya'll it is a miracle working product! 

I have highlighted/colored my hair since I was 13 and have used some sort of heat based styling tool well since I was 13. Ya'll my poor hair has been damaged! Thankfully my hair is much much healthier now because 1)I have started using products that are good for my hair and color and 2) I am not going so blonde with my hair anymore (RIP really blonde hair days) and opting for a more natural looking blonde much like Jennifer Anniston.

 I once read an article when I was about 15 about women just slathering deep conditioner or even just regular conditioner on there hair at night and sleeping with a shower cap on to really condition it. I have slept with a shower cap and conditioner on my head once a month ever since. I have tried LOTS of deep conditioners over the years but nothing has truly helped to repair my hair until I found Cantu! After a month of using this regimen with Cantu the girl that did my hair prior to Nicci could tell a difference in my ends and just said my hair felt healthier! 

Cantu is very very economical. I believe its like $4 or $6 and the smell is absolutely heavenly! Plus shower caps are super economical and will cost you very little. I highly recommend doing this process BUT I would first check with your hair stylist and make sure this product will be ok with your hair if you get it colored. Some oils can strip color from your hair making your color not last as long so please check with your stylist!

Here is that miracle product I have been raving about! 

 Tomorrow the great Fall Classic aka World Series starts and I could not be more EXCITED! Game 1 starts at Fenway Park (the most spectacular place I have every been) in my most favorite city Boston! LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!

 Tomorrow I plan on dishing about some Wedding details! This Wedding planning thing is going to be a blast! 

Until tomorrow have a blessed day!



Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Night Memories

Happy Monday pretties! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was spent making memories with my niece Brooklynn and nephew Braxten. Saturday my Momma, Sister-in-law Constance, and I took the sweet B's to a pumpkin patch located in my hometown. The kids had an absolute blast feeding animals, finding money in a haystack, and playing on bounce arounds. We had a great time making memories together and I most enjoyed getting to love on my little sweeties! Did I mention I LOVE being an Aunt?

I know most people dread Mondays, but I enjoy Mondays. I have always loved Monday because it meant two things. 1) That my routine and schedule was back on track. ( I am a huge schedule and structure freak! I hate not having a plan or a routine.) 2) That Monday Night Football is on and well it was a Family affair! For as long as I can remember my Monday Nights during the Fall have been spent watching Monday Night Football. My family would always make popcorn, gather around the coffee table, dance to the Monday Night Football theme song, and just spend time together as a family. Needless to say it was the perfect way to start the week! I can remember the first time I watched Monday Night Football in College after I moved out. I cried! I cried because that family tradition that had always been there was over and well I realized I was an adult! Well I am happy to report that the Monday Night Football tradition has been reinstated but instead of it being a Martin tradition it is becoming a Shibley tradition ( still can't believe I will be a Shibley in a year). I am thankful that I have a partner that enjoys football and well wants to watch it as much as me! I am excited that Colt and I can begin this tradition and carry it on with our future children (2017 hopefully a Shibley Baby will be born). 

Speaking of mine and Colt's future I am soooo excited to report that Colt is actually talking about buying land and building in Charleston!! SQUEAL!!!!!! I have always wanted to move back and live in my hometown when I got married and well Colt was not sold. I finally compromised and agreed that I would be OK living in his hometown of Greenwood. Well the other night Colt completely shocked me and informed me that we might as well just buy land and build in Charleston and not even try to look in Greenwood! Ya'll my jaw hit the ground! I was absolutely speechless (shocking for me I know)! So Saturday my Momma and I drove around my beautiful little hometown and looked for properties. We will definitely be saving and most importantly praying that Gods will and plan will be done. 

OH EM GEE how could I forget MY RED SOX are in the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!! Ya'll I was so excited and have to admit I cried! I love my Boston Boys!

I hope that everyone had a great start to the work week and that this week will only get better! 



Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

Okay so I am a huge bargain shopper! I am always looking for a great deal. I always love the thrill I get when I found a gem in clearance. Honestly I get my economical shopping from my Momma! Growing up I purchased a majority of my clothes from thrift stores and if I did buy clothes from a Department Store they were always on Sale. I am glad that I learned at a young age the art of economical shopping!

 I am currently obsessed with J Crew and J Crew Factory clothing, however I am not loving their prices. I admit I will pay a lot for denim, purses, timeless jewelry, and even boots (I am obsessed with Fall/Winter so it would be a wise purchase for me). BUT I am not really into spending a lot on tops and dresses. Ya'll styles change all the time. Weight fluctuates. I just can not bring myself to spend a lot of money on those items. So I have found some J Crew and J Crew Factory looks for less!

This is the J Crew Factory Dotted Keyhole Blouse. It is currently $64.50

This is the less look! It's the Swiss-Dot Chiffon Top from Old Navy and is currently $29.94! So the Old Navy top would save you about 55%! Goodness you could buy two of these bad boys!

OK so the next J Crew Factory item has two looks for less! The J Crew Factory Quilted Jacket is currently $128.
The Old Navy Women's Quilted Barn Jacket is currently $59.94.

The other look for less for the jacket is this little bargain from the Target! The Merona Womens Quilted Puffer Jacket is $39.99!!! Ya'll you could buy both looks for less and STILL have money left over! The Target look is about 68% LESS then the J Crew look!

So this adorable J Crew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest is currently $98.
The look for less is the Old Navy Quilted Barn Vest and is a steal at $39.94! So you could buy two of these vest and STILL have money left over! This look for less would save you about 59%!

So I saved the best deal for the look for less for last! This is the J Crew Collection bonded Cashmere zip sweater jacket. It is currently $548! Yes that is the correct price! No typo here!

So the look for less comes from Old Navy (shocking I know). The Women's Zip Front Boyfriend Cardis is $39.94. Ok pick your jaw up off the ground. Yes that would be a savings of about 92%! Ya'll you would save $508.06! You could get season tickets to the Razorbacks for that savings!! 

So I hope that you all appreciate these looks for less. If you are a J Crew addict or wannabe addict I strongly suggest you look at the website and then cruise on over to you local Old Navy or Target. Chances are you will find a lot of looks for less on your trip! 

Hope that your Thursday was terrific! My Red Sox won tonight and are ONE win away from the World Series! I told ya'll I was a crazy sports fan!

Have a happy and blessed Friday!



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love it's a beautiful thing!

So just a disclaimer to anyone who hates love or anything mushy, gushy. Today's post is going to be pretty much love infested! If you follow me on Facebook then you probably already know that today is my two year anniversary with my fiance Colt. A lot of people ask about how Colt and I met, and honestly ya'll it was God's perfect timing. So let's travel back to 2011 shall we and I will tell you all how my fairy tale began.

 I was 24 and well I had basically given up on love. I was to the point where I was honestly content with not getting married. I thought to myself I will never truly be alone. I have nieces and nephews I can spoil, I will get a couple dogs, have a cute house with an awesome closet, and just travel. But ya'll just when I thought I had everything planned out BOOM God threw me a curve ball. It was your normal Tuesday. I got up, went to work, and ran errand for my Best Friend Kortnie on my lunch. So on my lunch I headed to Arvest Bank to purchase a ticket for a concert that was taking place that Friday. So I walk into Arvest and had an absolute clueless look on my face. I head up to the teller line and this tall and handsome man behind the counter says I can help you here! So I tell tell him that I need a ticket and he asked if I had an account there. I immediately got nervous because well I don't bank with Arvest and I was afraid you would have to be a member to buy a ticket. The handsome man then tells me "I don't know why I asked you that you don't need an account to buy a ticket." I bought my ticket and left. I do have to admit while he was waiting on me I was checking to make sure no wedding ring and I made sure I looked at his name tag. There was no ring but I figured he is way to cute to not be taken. So when I went home that night I looked him up through a facebook friend that I saw working at the same branch that day. I found Coltney Race Shibley and added him as a friend. Well Colt accepted my friend request and well the rest is history ya'll! 

A question I love people asking me is "when did you know Colt was the one?" Honestly I kinda always knew. Our relationship was effortless, drama free, and for the first time I felt like I could be myself and not what someone wanted me to be. Plus I always said that my nieces and nephews would be the ultimate test of how I would know if I had found "the one". Well Colt and my nieces and nephews hit it off instantly and at that moment I knew he was it for me! 

Is our relationship perfect? ABSOLUTELY NOT! No relationship is perfect! Is our relationship real, based on respect, built on a strong foundation of friendship? Absolutely YES! Colt and I have developed a strong foundation over the last two years and well I know that our marriage will be strong. So today I dedicate this post to my Best Friend and my true love Coltney Race Shibley! Colt you make me a better woman everyday and I could not thank you enough for loving me for who I really am! 

Until next time friends have a blessed day! 


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tresses Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll! I hope you all had a great Tuesday! My Tuesday was wonderful because well it was Hair Day! The BEST Day for us ladies. I have only had four woman cut and color my hair in 13 years. I was in a long committed relationship with the same stylist for 11 years. I unfortunately had to end that relationship. It wasn't her it was me! Seriously I was driving 45 minutes to get my hair cut and colored every five weeks. It was just getting too expensive in gas and I honestly hated having to take off a day to get my hair done. I tried out a couple of stylist after my "break-up" but none could compare until I met Nicci. I went in a little nervous to my appointment. I mean I was meeting a complete stranger and entrusting her with my hair. But ya'll as soon as I met Nicci I felt completely at ease. She honestly is one of the most talented hair stylist there is and she is probably one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! If you live in the Fort Smith area and need a stylist she is the woman you should see! At my first appointment Nicci asked me what shampoo and conditioner I was using. I was using Redken So Soft because well I thought it would make my hair feel baby soft. Nicci informed me that she needed me to stop using So Soft and use a sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner. I thought she was CRAZY! I had tried the L'Oreal Ever Pure when it first came out and I absolutely hated it! So I took her advice (with hesitation) and went to Wal-Mart and bought the cheapest sulfate free shampoo and conditioner they had! OM EM GEE Ya'll it was the BEST stuff! My hair had never felt softer and my hair has become much healthier. Go to Wal-Mart pay the $5.97 and see for yourself. The brand is Simply U. Here is a picture of these miraculous products.

So while I am talking about paraben free products I must recommend these products for you to try! These products make having a good and more importantly healthy hair day possible! 
  • First is Phytovolume Actif By Phyto. It's a wonderful volumizer that I really like because it's designed for fine and limp hair. I have to be honest though I seriously only bought this product because I read that Carrie Underwood uses it. I mean if it's good enough for Carrie then it's good enough for me! But for real it's a good product and it's also good for your hair! I purchased mine from the good ole Ulta!

  • So the next product is bioinfusion keratin silk and smoothing serum. It is in my opinion better then some of the high dollar hair oils. Ya'll this product is super economical and can be picked up at Walgreens. If you have a Walgreens reward card it is currently $3.99! Trust me I am stocking up on this product!
So I hope that you will consider one or all of these products. Just remember healthy hair is pretty hair so take good care of it! I hope your Tuesday was great! Oh my Red Sox won tonight! Just two more wins and we are headed to the World Series! Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Monday, October 14, 2013

Well hello Ya’ll! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I have contemplated doing a Blog for the past year and a half and the thing that always discouraged me from doing one is the thought "Do people even care about my fashion, make-up, and cooking advice or recommendations?" Well over the last six months I would definitely say that I felt as if people would appreciate my advice and recommendations! Instagram was a HUGE motivating factor for me to think ya know maybe a Blog wouldn't be so bad! I have posted on my Instagram different outfit styling, beauty products I adore, and recipes of yummy meals I have made and well the outpouring of LIKES made me think OK I can do this! Also I have some really wonderful friends and I started noticing them asking me for advice on what make-up I would recommend, and also asking for fashion advice.  I like to tell my friends that I am glad my prissy pants are finally serving a purpose!  So here is a little bit about myself and the things that make my heart so happy!
·         I am engaged to my absolute BEST Friend and the most amazing man Colt Shibley. He is probably the funniest person I know and he never fails at making me laugh! Plus the fact that he loves me for all of my flaws, my obsessive compulsiveness, and neurosis. I mean come on how could I not love him!
·          I am obsessed with well Houndstooth Print and the Arkansas Razorbacks! Houndstooth Print has become my signature print. Anytime a friend of mine spies anything Houndstooth I immediately receive a text! I truly have wonderful friends!
·          I am also a CRAZY sports fan! Yes I woman, Yes I know the game, and Yes I watch ESPN! My three teams that I am so obsessed with and love are the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, and the Razorbacks of course.  I mean I have to be honest I love watching sports in general. If Football or Baseball is on I will most likely be watching!
·         My Family are the most important people in my life and I am soo immensely blessed to have two beautiful nieces, and three (with one on the way) handsome nephews. They are by far the cutest, smartest, sweetest, and most talented kids that ever existed.  I promise I am not being biased at all. My Momma is my Best Friend and well she is the person that I get my fashion sense, cooking, and crafting skills from! She is also the woman I hope to be someday! She is such a Godly woman who loves the Lord and managed to make sure that growing up her kids knew the Lord and were able to develop a relationship with him! She is also the best wife who never fails to make my Dad Breakfast and Supper every day and makes sure his lunch is packed for work every single day!
·         I think it’s pretty obvious that I love clothes, accessories, and make-up.  For as long as I can remember I have ALWAYS had an obsession with these things! I was always playing dress-up or styling my Barbie’s to have the perfect outfit! Fashion just makes me happy. Clothes make me happy. I can have the absolute worst day in the  entire world but as soon as I look at a Fashion Mag or even do some window shopping at Target my day is saved and it’s a great day!

 So here is the deal I WILL NEVER EVER recommend something that I am not 100% in love or believe in! I am a very honest person when it comes to fashion, and beauty. Houndstooth and Hogs will be devoted to Fashion, Beauty, Crafting, and Cooking advice and recommendations as well as maybe some Wedding Details! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful Fall Monday! XO Allyce