Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So I get to plan a WEDDING!!!

Hey Pretties! I hope your Wednesday has been wonderful! With weather like we are having it is very hard to not have a great day! 

So many of you know that I am engaged to my absolute Best Friend Coltney Race Shibley and so with an engagement comes a WEDDING! I am not going to lie I have planned and dreamed about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I do have to say that I did become content with the thought that I would never get married, but the true romantic in me could not stop planning or pinning wedding stuff on Pinterest. So that amazing day when Colt asked if I would be his wife and I said yes let's just say I had a VERY good idea of when, where, and how I wanted my wedding. 

Let's start with the when. I had three important factors that influenced my date picking. 

1) I wanted to be married on the 13th. Why you ask? Well once again if you know me you know how much my maternal grandparents meant to me. They are my heroes, my role models, the marriage and love I saw as a little girl and thought that is what I want! I wanted to honor my grandparents as much as possible since they will be absent in presence but there in spirit for my wedding. As I type these words I can not help but cry knowing that they can not be there. My grandparents got married on 2/13/43 and well the next time February 13th fails on a Saturday is 2016 and well there is no way I am waiting that long. So getting married on the 13th day of some month was a must. 

2) The second factor was I wanted a Winter Wedding. I LOVE Winter! It and Fall are by far my most favorite seasons and I just love all the fun things that can come with having a Winter Wedding! Trust me I have a lot of adorable and fun ideas for the BIG DAY that are totally Winter related!

3) The last and most important factor in my date picking was Football. Yes that is right Football was a deciding factor of when I picked my Wedding date. Colt and I are HUGE Football fans! We have season tickets to the Razorbacks and Saturdays and Sundays from September to about February are consumed with Football watching. College Football runs Sept to Jan and NFL runs Sept to Feb so picking the perfect Saturday was tough.I wanted Colt to be at the wedding and well I was not going to make him miss football. I didn't want him starting our marriage mad at me for missing a game so I searched the College Football Schedules for 2014 and by George I found the perfect date 12/13/14!!

12/13/14 had all the factors I was looking for! It honored my Grandparents, it was in the winter, and it didn't conflict with ANY Football games (the SEC Championship is the week prior)

SO for all ya'll asking if we have a date set the answer is YES!! 12/13/14 will be my official first day as a Shibley and a wife! I am pretty excited and blessed beyond words ya'll! 

Well I plan on dishing more Wedding details next week! I will disclose all the details of the WHERE! The week is half over so make the best of whats left! Have a blessed Thursday Pretties!



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